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I have to make a leaning tower of pisa cake in a couple of weeks... my plan was to make 6 in rounds, stacking and doweling them as we go, attached to a ply wood base... I want to use a ganache before covering in fondant to prevent the cake from sliding, since it will be at an angle. However, the customer wants a white cake-- Is there any ganache that would complement this cake better than chocolate? or is there some kind of other icing that would have the same effect to...
I'm providing a cake for a fundraiser for an orphanage in Haiti and have NOOOO idea what to make! I'm going to make a 3 tier cake as it has to feed 100 people, but would love imput on what how I should decorate it! I was thinking of having the Haiti flag somewhere on it, maybe a map? or a paiting of the scenery and the word "HOPE" Any other ideas would be super helpful. Thanks!!
I let my cakes cool in the pan for about 10 minutes and then wrap them in saran wrap and immediately put them in the freezer. I let them thaw in the fridge or on the counter before icing (unless carving... then i ice and carve them frozen). I always get compliments on how moist my cakes are. HTH
i use at least 3 cake circles duct taped together and then covered in MMF (since it is so cheap to make). I use piping gel to stick the fondant on the boards (and again to stick the cake on). i hot glue ribbon that matches the cake around the edge of the board. they always look nice and match well. i am interested in using plywood for heavier cakes however... i'll try that soon
I had the same problems with my coach purse cake yesterday! (maybe it's just coach that's a problem ) Another issue I had was that all of a sudden the fondant on the back of the purse became very sticky and started bubbling out. I've never had a problem like this before in all of my other cakes so it made me extremely nervous! We had a very strange weather day with sunny weather to severe storms in a matter of minutes so perhaps it was the humidity that did me in? I...
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