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It's about 11am my time so I am thinking that Royal party must be in full swing by now... any pics of the cake yet?All I have cared about what is what does the dress look like (saw that loved it, not as grand as I thought it would be but a very pretty wedding dress) and what does the cake look like! Do ya think that make lots of great wedding cakes for all the guest or make one grand cake w/ sheet cake in the back? lol no seriously wh/ do ya think it is?
Roxie - great additude, crap happens, move on and you'll know better for next time!
ahhhh dont worry about it, some ppl will take offense to ur post and some wont, I thought what someone else said was on point.. what did ppl expect when they saw the title! hello... we although ohh the next cake wreck! Can you submit the pic to cake wrecks and then make sure to post that there are new pics up there, I am sure we could find it!!! My 1st cake in my pics is a COMPLETE cake wreck!!! I made it before I found this site, my mom had bought my son (culinary arts...
cool tip, I suck a leveling so I just a hobby baker so I can have wonky cakes! you should see when the inside when cut into .. ppl eating cake for free dont notice but I am sure if someone paid for a cake they'd notice
Ha Ha, you've been Cake Punked!lol. I would done the same and stopped answering the FB emails.
until cake central, i thought cake was cake, it was the same all over the world, kinda neat to think tgat different places have different cakes.
good job! looks great
I love cold cake best so I like mine from the frig! but I am just a hobby baker.Good luck on the cake delivery!
what about this one?
ohh that Fancicakes is a BC master!!!!!
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