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Wow I love it DSmo
b/c I am new and only hobby, is a punch and a cookie cutter close enough to both work? mom was telling me about these, has anyone used them yet? what did ya think of them?
cool, I knew yellow and blue makes green, but not the red and green made brown
OMG love this blog! thanks so much, I already learned something (something I have wondered) w/ in the 1st few minutes of looking at the blog!
I found it!!!!!!
I think the pan I am talking about is called a jelly roll pan. I have yet to find what i was.. maybe it was a video and I cant see videos at work.. but what about this idea w/ just the number you need and w/ color?
I thought I saw once someone take a large sqaure an that is shallow ( sorry I have no idea what anything is called) has a small "lip " to the side and they took the colored batter (it was thinkish) and the put down each color next to each other on the pan - ok more a a retacgle pan not a perfect square) and then baked it. when it came out they cut out each color and then then iced and stacked. This way they did not have 6 or so little pan baking but only the one large...
Thank you!!! ohh it's pretty!
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