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I like Serious Cakes BC recipe and I make some up last night and left it on the counter, it's been really warm here and in fact the A/C is struggling to keep the house under 75 degrees. Normally I like my BC cold and would pop it in the frig but I figured since so many ppl keep it on the counter so could I, plus was gonna need it in 24 hrs to frost the cake. (frosted cake and all left over frosting is in the frig now)when I got home the frosting had yellowish clear "gook"...
I saw in a blog where the lady took edible markers and drew on marshmallows and I wanted to try, so I did - I will have to get better markers in the future do ya think is the best brand?
I w/ ya on the baby, but I like the dresses, wait I think I have only seen dresses not dresses w/ arms and necks and no head? LOL Now I want to see that! I guess that would be weird.
I made the same recipes last month as I made last night but this time I did not need to add the extra creamer b/c the humidity here is HIGH, I was suprised that a month would made such difference.
bump just to see if anyone else had any ideas
I wanted to add cherry and almond (or maybe just cherry to the cake and almond to the buttercream) to white cake. I have never use cherry before so I am not sure how strong it is, how much do you think I should start out with? Should I use both flavors in the cake or just one for cake and one for frosting?
very cool
aww it's not in my state yet.. dang!
awww man.... come on.. I am sure kids would like it.. but Duh that's b/c it's a great Idea... I think us Adults like the idea even better!!!
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