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It tasted GREAT, I saw no problems at all, but I am just a hobby baker so I dont have this down to a science
so I baked it and it looked good, did not get a big rise on the cake, BUT I have defrosted sherbert and yoghurt in the mix so that might be the reason why. I'll have to let ya know how it tastes after we eat it on Saturday
ohh good!!!
a cake, I did a search (stupid search feature here sucks) and I did find one post that said for baking it did not matter so I ran with it. I hope it comes out ok b/c its a recipe that calls for different extra things so I hope I did not waste all my money. but I have to get going on this thing. fingers crossed
ok I am going it alone.. I am gonna try the cook and serve!
I picked up the Cook and Serve and not the Instant!!! how much of a problem is that? I do have a white chocolate instant, but I am doing a orange creamsicle cake and recipe calls for vanilla HELP Please
I will be making a two tiered cake, I want the one to be a Orange Creamsicle, what should the other one be?
my mom had one of these when I was little, I use to love to play with it! Now I would love to have one, she bought me a squeeze one and ugh what a PITA!
I agree, I went to the grocery store were I grew up getting cakes from and they say 1/4 = 20 ppl, 1/2 = 40, ect - Maybe ppl in the south just really like cake, I dont want no little 1 inch piece of cake!!! and not for nothing but i really dislike the argument that a peice of cake at a restaurant is 5 bucks but then ppl freak for wedding cake... umm have ya had cake a restaurants they are big! and often feed two ppl...
thanks for the brand recommendations
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