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here is mine, Asian theme
I would love to see some all BC (or 90% BC) cakes that are new to CC. Anyone have any links?
went to the galliers to look up Maggie Austin and found this lil guy, is this what y'all were talking about... I am thinking no so I'll try google next or maybe search the boards
I popped on b/c I was making a going away cake for my son - He is working on a cruise ship in Hawaii!!! can you even believe it!!! I am so happy for him!but I have not been going through the galleries like I use to (daily) I use to not miss a single cake, but I have been caked out and my attention has been drawn to the CA case. I was at Gator Fred's w/ the wee-lil-one and had some down time so I thought I would look at the galleries and I had thought about the rose cake...
ohh dear lord, I do not like that cake! No I meant the I am baker rose cake. Ill have to look up the maggie cake
I have been caught up in the Casey Anthony Trail (Florida peeps will know what I am talking about) so I have not bee hanging around CC as much.Any new must do cakes? do we have the new "rose cake" to hit CC or are we still waiting for a new thing.(Ps I still totally need to do a rose cake! I love it, just need the right time/reason)
i love raw batter or cookie dough ooh ooh and brownie batter... I kinda like it better than the baked product.
ok I have a few ideas, not sure if they will help, but here it goes - one big fish all BC - turtle on the beach going into the ocean (great water!!!) - "under the sea" all BC - I LOVE this water totally different! I think it's BC - 2 tiered looks like all BC or...
this was my water I did on a Tiki cake - just to show it off - buttercream water you make the cake w/ buttercream water and then add fondant sea life? I'll check to see if I have any saved pics that might be a help
and here is a pic
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