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Did you ever figure out what the problem was?
So no one has a favorite they like or advice about the different recipes. I saved a few from the recipe link, I guess I'll eenie meenie minie it.
what would you do to make white?
Ohh I am so glad I asked it seemed like a dumb question, but never thought about what would happen when eaten (lol so siked to try and make a cake) I like the idea of doing a combo or waffers and gram and maybe some sugar fr the sparkle.Thanks ladies
I love the look of all those Luau / beach cakes that have "sand" wh/ is better to use brown sugar or gram cracker? or a mix of both?
I have seen shows where they hand paint right onto the cake. I am guessing they just use food coloring/gels and a brush. Can you do this onto BC or does it have to be on fondant?Does anyone do this often, any thing I should know b4 I try
Could y'all share your Crusting BC recipe or share a link to where I could find a good one.Thanks
can someone explain the Extender to me, you can do this to box cakes and this is what you do for one box of cake?Cake Mix Extender1 cup flourĀ¾ cup sugarĀ½ cup oil2/3 cup milk or water1 tsp. baking powder.. If you do this, would still want to add pudding or sourcream?
How much sour cream to a box of cake mix?
I have no idea, I'll have to take a look at them when I am home. I bet it's the tips that are odd ball, man I was hoping that maybe I was just not using the right wording when seraching.
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