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ohh perfect think, thank you so much. I searched in recipes but nothing came up I either suck at searching or the search feature on here sucks. lol
alot of point and shoot camera have a place where you can change lighting as in out door, indoor, florescent, ect I think mine has a total of 5 or 7 setting you can get the cake in the view finder and the switch through different lighting setting until you find the one that works best. I made a purple cake and had to do that too
I am thinking about making some sort of Caramel Apple cupcake, but I do not have a recipe. There must be some out there and I am guessing a few different variations anyone have any ideas?
Cool tips guys!!!!I remember many years ago a can of frosting had a recipe for "fudge" and it was chocolate chips and the can frosting melted and the placed in frig to set. You could add any kind of candy/flavors to it and it was quick and easy! and yes, It's that bitter aftertaste I dont like, you 1st pop some in your mouth and you're all "ohhh this is so go..... *ugh bug eyes* ... ewww bitter"
I forgot that I only tolerate semi-sweet in cookies (store bought) b/c it's in cookies, when I make chocolate chip cookies I always use milk chocolate. I am making something for hubby who loves chocolate chip cookies and does not need things as sweet as me. I did not want it as sweet as milk chocolate, but... man I am not sure semi is the answer the hint of adding sugar to the warming cream!!!!! next time for sure.
Why did I think that adding cream to semi-sweet chocolate would make the chocolate sweeter?and I am guessing it's just as crazy to think that as the ganache sets over night that it will sweeten .... maybe I'll whip it tomorrow and add a lil powder sugar...
Ohh yea I think I have too much cream, does not have the same look as the art and appetite vid , its more of the joy of baking vid think I like the look of the art vid butter, but then again maybe the joy of cooking one would look the same after it set over night
I am sure you saved, CC will delete ppl pics if the post multi regardless of if ppl have it saved, I have had that happen to me! sucks hard core!!!
I might have added too much cream to chocolate to the ganache (yea I know the ratio but do not have a weigh thingy so used some recipe on the next, but then I had less chocolate then I need so did the math to see what % I had then then lowered same % of cream)I have watched some videos on youtube ect and it looked like the cream did not full cover the chocolate like you could see lil chocolate pieces peeking through.. I do not have that the chocolate is completely...
did u ever come up w/ an idea
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