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I want/ need some butter cream and I want a filling that is a lil marshmallow-ly, so I hope that I can make a crusting butter cream and then for the filling just mix in some of the fluff. Is there anything about Marshmallow fluff from a jar that I need to know about, it wont do something funky b/c of being mixed w/ butter cream (like it wont lose it's fluff powers and become runny or something) Can/should I do a 50/50 mix or will one really over power the other and if so...
these are such great ideas... ummmmm, not good when I am trying to lose weight! god i love sugar
sounds cool have to check that out
If not then....a way for mbr to organize their saved fav photos and recipes. IE: For recipes I often will save several of the same type of cake/frosting so I can try them and find the one I like best. It would great if I could put saved recipes in different folders such as like, don't like, yet to try or chocolate, fruit, ect. Also if there was a way to make a notation that was private only to yourself you could note what you did not like or how you would change it to...
You need to post this in recipes so we can all save it!!! it sounds really yummy and does look easy to make. thanks.
That is cool, I have not been around like I use to, just pop in for a quick question/idea, use to try and interact w/ the ppl, (although as my Old siggy said - I am a cake eater not a cake maker - I could only offer so much)just checked, still cant post an aviator, I joined a year ago. I'll be on the look out for the new changes.
butter pecan .. now that is not one I would have thought of, but it's a flavor I love!!! ummmmm
Ha ha I forgot all about that... lol they dumped a pic of mine, I had made neapolitan cup cakes, but I froze that batter and scoped it into the cupcakes so the colors were not just the standard bottom to top, but side to side or at time (the later ones as the batter melted one on bottom and two side by side on they just up and deleted my pic b/c it was an undecorated cupcake.. but umm if I took pic after I added the frosting you could not see how the colors came...
So besides pumpkin what other cake, filling and frosting flavors make you think of the fall?
that is a good question
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