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I love the coloring book idea, thanks! I'm thinking I could put wax paper over it, so I would be able to do the same page several times...haha - I could have take a photo series as I improve
What is it about them that makes them so good for icing cakes? Couldn't parchment paper be used for the same purpose?
oh, and Apti - I solved that part of the cake dilemma by giving my extra cake to students at a local college. College students love cake, no matter what shape/size you want to make it!
So what I'm hearing is that in order to legally accept money for cakes - even if it is just enough to cover costs - I need to get my kitchen licensed. And presumably also register as a business? MA allows residential baking, I just have to work out a few details in my kitchen set up. I was hoping to wait to do that until I could set up as a serious business - meaning I'd have to be at a more professional level. And because we're thinking of moving in the next 6 months or...
Thanks everyone.One question - is it okay to offer to make cakes for the cost of the ingredients, for friends kids birthdays and such, or is that too much like running a business?
I love these ideas. But the chalk thing - is that really safe? I mean, play-doh is non-toxic too, but it isn't intended to be eaten. It says so right on the package....Please help, I'm new at this. I'd been staying away from the clay/scrapbooking stuff because I was afraid it wouldn't be safe...??
Ok everyone, I have a problem. Or a few...I've fallen in love with cake decorating. A couple months ago I decided to try and figure out how people managed to do the gravity defying cakes I was seeing online. I started with a pumpkin, just to test out the recipes and get an idea of how it worked. Then I made a piggy bank. By that point, I was hooked. I want to do this all the time.But... my piping skills are abominable, and my experience with fondant is very limited....
I only have a one-section sink. Could I use two rubbermaid basins as my other compartments?
what about the wires sold by globalsugarart? are they food safe?
Thanks! Are Merkens available in stores?Does seizing affect the taste?
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