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I read this at the link posted above. Now I don't know what to do. Where else can I go?
that makes sense. But since I was just planning to inquire with some churches about renting their kitchens, it is also about the most discouraging realization I've had in weeks.
Hi everyone,A little background: I was planning to get my home kitchen licensed for commercial use, but I've just gotten the official word from my city zoning department that I cannot operate a baking business within a residential zone. My health inspector would have given me the ok, and I wasn't going to have any storefront or signage, but nevermind that...So now I'm looking into renting a church kitchen. However, I'm just starting out and I don't have nearly enough...
I've seen several examples here of gumpaste barb wire, which probably has a similar shape to what you're going for. Maybe try searching for those?
Can anyone explain why this is? Why do better quality pans require longer cooking times and lower temperatures? And I would have thought a thicker pan would mean it was more forgiving of higher temps.I am having the same problem as the OP on my rounds - though I haven't had this problem with my half-sheet by the same manufacturer...??
I got some new pans, and they don't seem to cook the same way -they are Magic Line rounds, 3" high. They take FOREVER to bake in, but I'm comparing them of course to my old non-stick Wilton pans, only 1.5" high. So I understand that they need to cook for longer, but I'm also wondering if I should reduce the temperature, because the outside of the cake seems to cook really quickly, and the middle stays gooey for a long time.Can anyone advise me on how to fix this?Thanks!!
If there is a Michaels near you, they carry fondant by the Ace of Cakes guy - can't recall the name right now. I used that on a cake and it was pretty good. And you can get coupons on their website for 40% off.
tootsie roll roses? I never thought of that! Do you have any pictures of how they turn out? What size tootsie roll do you recommend using?
I came across this recipe today, but I am unsure about it because it doesn't require any heating of the eggs.No-Melt Butter Icing2/3 cup egg whites1 ¼ cups sugar1 cup shortening or Baker’s Best margarine1 cup Magnolia Gold Butter, softenedProcedure:1.Beat egg whites and sugar until sugar is almost dissolved.2.Add softened butter and shortening.3.Beat until very well blended.4.Spread on cake.If mocha flavor is desired, dissolve 2 tbsp instant coffee in 2 tbsp Kahlua and add...
My friend asked if I could bake her a cake like she had while visiting Korea. She didn't give me much to go on though, her words: "Mocha cake with mocha frosting and the mocha was slightly more to the "coffee" than the "chocolate" which I have a hard time finding here."I've done a google search but haven't come up with much, except that it is probably a sponge cake. Do any of you know what she may be talking about?
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