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I'm sure it will be fine if you use dowels inside. How high are you stacking it?
Thanks so much!
anyone tried it? will it be too heavy?
So I've been taking a decorating class through the community college. My instructor is the owner of a local cake business, and it happens that he is about to move to a larger kitchen and hire more staff.I'm thinking about asking to do an internship with him. Have any of you hired interns, or been interns, and could tell me what to expect? Are they all unpaid, or is it reasonable to expect to be paid a little bit? Any advice would be great, Thanks!
I have a recipe that calls for a 4" deep 10" round pan, but I want to cut it down to 6-8 servings. Even if I just halve the recipe, that's fine, I can give some to my friend for her birthday and have some for my family.My problem is that it calls for 7 egg yolks. Should I use 3, or 4, or is there a good way to split an egg?also, do you think it really has to be in a 4" deep pan for some reason? My biggest pans are 3" deep.Thanks in advance!
oh, the church thing is ok! I just read the ruling in the court case referenced above, and it's fine.So back to my original questions...
and thanks for the link!
It looks like they are ok! One quote from near the end, explaining why the court ok'd the non-profit status: "Although the organization periodically rents out part of its building to third parties, the primary purpose of the building is not to raise income but to provide services for those seeking mental health assistance.Any income raised is incidental to the primary use of the property, and thepurpose of raising the income is to help fund the organization’s...
Does anyone know what the outcome of this case was?
I do enjoy the hobby, but I also have people who have been offering to pay me, and from what I understand, I can't accept payment. I'm not looking to make a living off this, I just don't want to end up in trouble.
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