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Hi all,I'm baking a cake that has a fairly large (to me) topper - 5 inches wide by 8 inches tall. How large should the top tier of the cake be so that it will not be overwhelmed by the topper?Thanks!
do you have a recipe?
I was making SMBC today, which I haven't made often.After diligently wiping everything out with vinegar, heating the egg whites and sugar, and then (im)patiently waiting for the bowl to cool down...I dumped in all the butter.And then I thought, Wait, that doesn't seem right...wasn't I supposed to do something else first? right! Whip the eggs into meringue!I tried letting it whip a while anyway, to see if some meringue miracle would happen, but of course you...
I'm pretty new at this, please tell me what happened!I whipped up a big batch of SMBC this morning, and everything seemed fine. I put it in the fridge, and took it out this evening to work on my cake. Of course it was rock hard, and though I left it out for about an hour it still wasn't softening so I forced it into the stand mixer and tried to whip it, as I'd read that it should be rewhipped after being refrigerated. It softened up then, but it got all grainy/runny, sort...
I have two 3" deep cake pans in the oven. I was planning to torte them to have a 4 layer cake, but I'm afraid that's going to be too tall. So now I'm thinking of only using 3 layers. Any creative ideas for what to do with the leftover layer?(normally we'd just eat it, of course, but hubs and I are on a diet)
The chart I have distinguishes between party servings and wedding servings. I was going by party servings, but I don't know how big those are meant to be. Do you think the wedding serving size is a better guide?
I'm making a baby shower cake for 50, and I'm trying to decide what size tiers to use. Right now I'm thinking probably a 9" and 12" round, but is there a better arrangement? Is there a way to make it 3 tiers that still looks right?Thanks!
anyone going?Feb 26-27
oh! no I wasn't creaming it first. I will try that. And my kitchen is chilly this time of year too. Thanks for the help, both of you!
Can anyone help? I keep ending up with lumps of shortening in my buttercream. I'm pretty sure I'm mixing long enough, but I can't figure out what else could be going wrong.
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