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im donating the baked goods to raise money for her church. so there is not going to be a profit regardless of my costs. i don't usually do cookies except as gifts so i don't know what is a good starting place.
my grandmothers church is having a Bazaar tomorrow and im manning the baked goods. how much should i sell chocolate chip cookies for? they are home made and sized with a cookie scoop. im thinking $0.50 each and $5 for a dozen. what do you guys think?happy baking!
is there any way you can make the picture bigger? it's kinda hard to see
depends on how much icing you use. i use a 3 cup recipe for 2 dozen so if we round yours up to 10 dozen you'll need 15 cups so if you make a 2 batches you should be good and have some left over! always better to have to ave too much instead of too little! HTH!
so im making microphone cupcakes for wednesday. im basing them off these cake pops using a sugar cone with cake baked inside for the base and i was thinking of using a donut hole for the tops. i have some silver color mist and silver sanding sugar but i was wondering if i should dip the donuts is candy melts? i don't know if the mist will even work on candy melts? anyone thing i could use...
i think it depends on the teacher. i took the classes and i loved them!! granted some of the things i already knew but there is always something new to learn.
it's on my list of thins to try but i haven't gotten around to it yet.
it was the wilton recipe. about half and half.
just wanted to update, tonight at the last minute my lil one decided she wanted cupcakes with pink frosting. i mixed up a batch of plain buttercream and mixed in the White Chocolate Raspberry Frosting Creation and it is DELICIOUS!! my only gripe is that the frosting came out more purple than pink like on the label. really i wouldn't care but when a 2 year old says she wants pink frosting...u give her pink frosting. lol i just put a smidgen of rose gel color and all was well.
no, i make it from scratch. never thought about using white chocolate for a white velvet !!!
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