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If it's not your oven temperature, then maybe your leavening is old? Perhaps it's time to get some new baking powder....
True. I was serious about it, but I've since given up, at least on a cake business. But my defeat was a lack of available kitchen space. I've gone back to free cakes for friends and family.
The Albertson's near where I work in CA has a wedding cake display with prices. I don't remember the prices, but I may have to go in an look.
Yep, that's why I never became an LLC in CA. $800.00 is crazy for someone who is just starting out with their business.
I use They have both the ability to upload a fully done website or create one using Weebly. You get your own domain name and email addresses, etc. It cost me $54 for the year. And my favorite part is that all of their servers run off of wind power, so they're a green company.
I was in a Party City the other day looking around, and noticed that they are now selling Duff's products as well. It's about the same price as Michaels, but nowhere near as good a deal as with the 40% off coupon from Michaels. Just an FYI.
I used good old Wilton fondant, always trustworthy to dry almost as hard as gumpaste anyway. It gave me more time to manipulate the pieces while I was making it.
I let it dry over night on the cling wrap, then used the cling wrap to help put it on. It's actually on backwards from the way it sat while I made it. I think it helped that the fondant on the dummy cake was still soft, but the fish was hard, so I was able to push it into the fondant a bit to help it stay. It's only attached with water.
I printed the picture of the paper quilled fish out on paper, covered the paper with cling wrap, and then placed the pieces in as I made them.
That's what got me started...someone wants a cake in a similar style with the quilled flowers. I got to researching, became fascinated, and decided to give it a go! Funny though, I haven't been able to get my quilled flowers to come out as well as the fish did so far.
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