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Yes, that is entertaining, though the last time I checked on there, even those people wouldn't do a 6 tier monstrosity for that little of a price.
I got a request for a quote for a cake today via my website. It was for a 6 tier Alice in Wonderland themed cake to serve 300. Their budget? $500.00. I don't make cakes for money now anyway, but no way would I make such a giant cake for $1.66 per serving! I wish this woman luck finding someone in Los Angeles county to make her cake for that price.It made me laugh, so I thought I'd share. Happy caking.
I have the old one, which has lots of cutters in it, and I've seen the new one. It seems to have some different cutters in it, but it it DEFINITELY more up to date. The instruction booklet that came with the old one made me laugh out loud. It was copyrighted 1984! And all the cakes in there were definitely late 70's/early 80's cakes.
I think you should go over your concerns with your client, and see what she thinks. If she wants to go ahead with the order, make sure to have her sign something when she picks up the cake, saying that the cake is in good shape and the cake is no longer your responsibility once it enters the client's hands.
I googled Cake in a Cup, and the site that came up is for a cupcake shop in Toledo, Ohio with the same name. I assume they realized that someone else was using the name, and that's why they couldn't get the website without the 1 in front of it? Why would they use the same business name? I wonder if the first one did any trademarking or copyrighting or whatever...
I'm talking about once I click on one of the pictures in someone's gallery. It opens up the picture bigger, but I have to either open all the pictures each in a separate window, or keep hitting the back button. If I hit the next button on the large cake picture, it takes me to the next picture in whatever category it's in, rather than the next picture in the person's personal gallery. Is there a way to do that?
YES!!! Or if you were looking at someone's gallery of pictures, and you hit the next button and i went to their next picture, rather than the next one in whatever category it is in.
The judge in my case was having none of that. One guy told her that he had been unemployed for a year and had a job interview the next day. She asked him when and where, and then said that we'd start at 11am the next day, to give him enough time to go to his job interview and still come to jury duty!
I was summoned last year in Los Angeles. I happened to be in between jobs, so at first I didn't mind. But then I got called to be in a jury pool. Ugh. For 3 days I had to go down to the court house in downtown LA, and listen as 3 lawyers quizzed potential jurist (there were 2 defendants, each with his own lawyer). They all asked the exact same questions to the same people. Really? Were they not listening? Even the judge started saying "she already answered that". ...
It does depend on the area you are in. Most people charge per serving, so it would depend on how many servings each cake gave. I charged $3.50 per serving for a standard tiered cake and $4.00 per serving for anything carved like the dog cake. You should also make sure the state/county you live in allows you to sell cakes you make out of your home, if that's what you're doing. Just be aware of the laws in your area. Good luck!
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