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Wow Leah! If I had any desire to attempt this, that might be a good place to start! I'd need way more than a week to wrap my head around it though. Trial and error, etc. I have other orders already, so no pop-up stripper cake for him! The cakes in motion people have an address in the same area I'm in though, so I bookmarked their page for future reference!
I got this email today:Hello-We have a client pitch for which we are hoping to create a custom cake hopefully by next week.Our ideal scenario is to create a beautiful real cake that a small stripper DOLL could pop out of (maybe 1 layer of real cake, the second tier could possibly be fake and covered with frosting to hide the mechanism). The idea would be that we would send the cake to someone, and when they opened it and pressed some sort of trigger, a small stripper doll...
I would ask this lady if she got permission from Disney/Pixar for the Lightning McQueen cake. I'm positive that Disney did NOT let her copyright a cake design of their copyrighted (is that a word?) character. They probably didn't even give her permission to make a cake of Lightning McQueen. Disney rarely, if ever, gives permission to replicate their characters in cake.I suppose someone could try to copyright a cake design, but since most cake designs can be traced back...
My absolute favorite yellow cake is Shirley Corriher's Magnificent Moist Golden Cake from her book Bakewise.
Here are a couple of links to some other threads regarding the Cake Boss software:
Seems a bit mean-spirited to me. People ask for discounts on all kinds of services, It doesn't make them rude or disrespectful of the person doing the work. Sometimes that's the case, but not always. It also drives me nuts to see so many fragment sentences and bad punctuation in one place! Ugh!
I have to agree with the many many other comments about missing the trending topics on the front page. I do NOT like looking on the newest posts page, and never have. Please bring that back.On the upside, I was able to add a profile picture for the first time since I joined the site. Yay!Edited to add: Boo. Able to add profile picture on my profile page, but it still doesn't show up in the forums.
It's 3 to 1 by volume. I use the recipe in the Planet Cake book. Comes out great, especially since I got a small electronic kitchen scale so that I can do it by volume.
Gemini, this may have been discussed somewhere already, but I can't find anything using the search. How do you use your templates to actually do the outlining? For instance, the Baby Blues cookies on your flickr page, how do you use the template to pipe all the details? I've only ever used a template with royal icing to pipe details like that, so my brain is not translating it to cookie decorating...
Same here. Saw a post here on CC about that. It's super simple to do.
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