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That's what I remember too. I tried to Google search it to find the thread to link to it, but I guess I couldn't think of the right combination of words to search to find the thread.
I swear I saw a thread on this very cake about a month or so ago, but for the life of me I can't find it now. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I know there is another thread about this cake on here somewhere...
If you have time, maybe you could order an edible paper or fondant sheet with the pattern on it. I did a quick Google search and found this:
Here is a post that you made a week ago, so I thought you were quitting. Are you quitting or not?[/quote]This is irrelevant to the question, and unnecessary bullying. She also doesn't need to explain herself to you.
The CA Cottage Food Law is being voted on on Tuesday the 27th. I'd say hold your horses and see what happens there. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that it passes!
The first thing you should do is check to see if your state has a cottage food law. If not, you can't legally sell cakes out of your home.
I have and use the KopyKake food markers. They have two different tip sizes on them (one on each end). I got mine on Amazon...
It occurred to me that, working in the accounting office of a tv show, I could simply pull a rental agreement from one of the props houses the show rents from, and "borrow" from it. So that's what I did, and ad libbed where necessary.
No one?
Does anyone have a rental agreement for a fake cake that they'd be willing to share? It's not something I normally do, but I have agreed to do this and need a rental agreement for it, but I have no idea what all to put in to it. TIA!
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