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It just takes practice. You may be rolling your fondant out too thin. Try rolling it a little thicker, and when you lay it on the cake, be sure to smooth the top edges first. When smoothing the sides, I always make sure I'm pushing up on the fondant, smoothing from bottom to top, rather than the other way around. That way it doesn't pull on the edge. If you have two smoothers, try smoothing up on the side while smoothing the top toward the same side. That will help...
I like the Wilton Gumpaste Flowers Set. got mine at Michaels and used a 40% off coupon, so it was around $17.00. It comes with a book to show you how to make lots of different types of flowers with the cutters it comes with. And they FINALLY updated the book too. I had the old book, which had an original copyright of 1984, and all the cake pictures in it were horribly dated! The new book and cutters are much...
My favorite ones are Wedding Cakes, and Cakes & Sugar c r a f t. Both are UK magazines, and neither are cheap, but they are great. I ordered them through
I've also used the Guittiard chips to make ganache. They worked well and taste way better than the Nestle chips. I found them at my local Cost Plus World Market, if you happen to be near one. Recently, the Ralph's (Kroger) grocery store started carrying some Guittiard chips, but not the white ones.
I've used fondant in the plastic candy molds before. Just smear some shortening in the mold first so that it doesn't stick. As for painting it gold, I use gold airbrush color and just paint it on. I let it dry, and then add another coat, until it's the color gold I want.
The Joann near me allows multiple coupons. I usually go to both Joann and Michaels. Since Michaels only allows one coupon, I just go to several Michaels if I need lots of something. Luckily, I live in Los Angeles, so I can just do a giant circle through the San Fernando Valley and stop at 4 or 5 different Michaels if I need to. It's a bit of a pain, but it's worth it for the amount of money I save, especially on fondant.
This site has a picture of the dolls, and it says they are antique and came from the bride's mother's collection.'m not sure you'll be able to find those exact dolls for sale if that's the case.
I would think that you should be fine. As long as the plastic box is kept airtight, I don't see how the moisture in the air would get in the box. I've never had a problem with gumpaste becoming soft again, but I live in southern California, and we're pretty much humidity free.
I don't have any cake flavor ideas for you, but I love those almonds! The grocery store near me also had cherry pomegranate and cookies and cream almonds. But the orange creamcicle ones were my favorite!
Have you tried the marshmallow rolled buttercream recipe on here? It's quite tasty!
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