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  I know!  My twin nieces, who are 6, don't like sweet things like cake and candy.  They are odd children.  So in their stockings, they get little boxes of Cheez-Its and such instead!
I received an email last month with this question:     Hoping to get a cake that is not too sweet. You mentioned in your flavours that the swiss creams were less sweet, so I'd love to try it at a tasting! How sweet are your cakes, overall?   I am assuming that she must have been from another country or something, based on the way she spelled flavors.  I never actually responded to the email though, for 2 reasons.  1. The front page of my website very clearly...
CA recently passed the cottage food bill into law, but it doesn't go into effect until January 2013.  And it's looking like a whole bunch of counties are unprepared for it, so  it may be even longer than that before it is actually up and running in some areas.
A two tier round cake to serve 150 is going to look really strange.  Those will be two LARGE tiers.  I would suggest either adding another tier so it will look more balanced, or making a smaller two tier cake and add kitchen cakes to make up the difference in servings.
I recently started turning my cakes upside down after I cover and trim the fondant.  I just put a cake circle that's bigger then the cake on top and flip it.  Then I smooth the fondant evenly down to the cake circle, and flip back over.  Makes nice crisp edges.
Look into using ganache under fondant instead of buttercream.  I tried it and never looked back!  It makes a nice, hard, smooth surface for the fondant. No squishy buttercream moving around under the fondant.
I use ganache under all of my cakes now. I got the Planet Cake book, which gives lots of instructions and info on it. I've never used hot syrup to adhere the fondant to the ganache. I either spritz a little water on the ganache, or if I've left the cake sitting out long enough, I don't use anything. My ganache gets tacky by itself if it sits out and warms up on the cake a bit, and it that happens, I just put the fondant right on the cake. Like you, I still want my...
There is no set answer for this question. You should:1. Do some internet research for your area and see what others are charging.2. Add up your costs to make a cake: ingredients, supplies, utilities, rent (if you are renting out space for your business), insurance, etc. Then subtract the amount you charged for the cake, and divide that number by the number of hours the cake took you to make. Is that an hourly wage for which you are happy to work? If not, then you...
I am making a Japanese garden cake for a friend, and she wants a koi pond on it. But she wants to be able to see the koi fish under the "water" of the koi pond. I am thinking about using isomalt for the pond, though I've never worked with it before. Is there a way to make the koi fish visible through the isomalt? Will I need to just make a flat isomalt time for the pond, and put the fish underneath it? Any other ideas or suggestions?
I'm pretty sure they don't allow that.
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