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I'm thinking about having some postcards made up to help advertise my little soon-to-be business. Would anyone be willing to share what their postcards look like? I made one up in Photoshop, but I'm not loving it, and can't find any inspiration at the moment! I tried to Google it, but didn't have much luck.TIA!
I have yet to do a wedding cake, and all the bride horror stories on this site are making me not want to! LOL, the brides scare me.
Here's my latest. I thought it turned out really cute!
Really, it can be either. or 12-9-6, so it's 3". It depends on what you're doing, the design and all that. I personally prefer at least 3" between tier sizes, just because it's more aesthetically pleasing to my eye.
I just got the Planet Cake book at Barnes and Noble in the bargain book section - priced at $9.98!
Their gourmet food section is really more like half an aisle. It's near the pots and pans and kitchen gadgets. You might also check out the gadgets. I've gotten measuring cups and spoons, an apple corer that I use to core cupcakes for filling, small ice cream scoops for filling cupcake papers, etc. I've even gotten a couple of baking pans there. The only thing is, the food section is usually not very well organized. It's sort of just haphazardly thrown on the shelf...
Good to know! There's a Big Lots within walking distance of me. I don't venture there very often due to the sheer number of people ALWAYS there. I'll have to try and find a time when it's less busy so I can see what they have. I've gotten some stuff I use for decorating in their little craft section a few times, shaped hole punches and such...
Just wanted to share that I recently discovered a few varieties of Lorann emulsions and extracts at Ross Dress for Less in the "gourmet food" section. I've gotten almond, orange and coconut emulsions, vanilla bean paste, and Madagascar bourbon and Tahitian vanilla extract there. I also find various sprinkles and such there and at Marshall's/TJMaxx in their "gourmet food" sections as well.
I use an awesome metal apple corer that I got at Marshall's for $5.00.
I was just recently reading some of the posts about crazy customers who complain about prices and then say they can get a grocery store cake for cheaper. I was at my local grocery store here in LA and decided to buy a piece of cake to try it, since it's been forever since I've had a cake from a grocery store type place. I got a piece of red velvet cake, for $1.99. The cake itself was alright, but the cream cheese frosting was nasty. Had that from a can chemical...
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