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The Debbie Brown Cartoon Characters book has a Taz cake in it.  It also has a Tom and Jerry (I think?) cake with Tom popping out of the floor.  Perhaps looking at the instructions on how to make either of those cakes might help in figuring out how to sculpt yours.
Stack first, then add the details.  I'd be too worried about squishing the details when moving and stacking the layers otherwise.
  Well, my quote I sent her was a lot higher than her budget, so I am guessing I won't be doing anything!
I got an email request for a quote for a 1st birthday cake.  Among other things, I always ask what the budget it, number of servings, and if there is a theme.  The theme is Marvel Charcters.  Number of servings: 100  The budget: $200.00.   Here is what she wrote:   "My first thought about having a cake for my son's 1st birthday was the letters of his first name in each cake, his name is JOHN FELIX so I was thinking if we can have a 9 cakes (simple) vanilla or...
I usually get my cake dummies from Dallas Foam on eBay.  A set of 4 is usually around $12, and with shipping, about $20.
Use the Wilton icing colors, not the oil candy colors to tint the fondant.  Once you have it the color you want, you can usually use it right away.  If you've kneaded it a lot, you may need to let it sit for a bit.  Also, if you are going for a dark color, it helps to let the fondant sit overnight, as the color will darken.  You can use water as a "glue" to adhere pieces of fondant to each other.  
I make a lemon cake with lavender buttercream.  I buy the dried lavender flowers at Cost Plus World Market.  It's very very yummy.
You should start by contacting your local health department, to see if your state/county have a cottage food law you can operate under in your home.  If there is a cottage food law in your state, they will be able to tell you what requirements there are for it and what steps to take to get a license.     I wouldn't worry about getting items in bulk until you know you can legally work out of your home.  What state are you in?
I got an email from someone who was supposedly the hearing impaired dad of the groom wanting a cake, and then a few days later, one from the supposed MOB wanting the same cake.  I replied back asking if she was involved in the wedding from the first email.  Did their children perhaps meet at an ASL class and fall in love?  :)   Funny, I never heard back...
There is a place called Kake Kreations in Canoga Park that carries high ratio shortening.  I believe the last time I bought it there it was $2.49 for 1 lb.
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