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I just made a batch of black mmf. I used brown/chocolate marshmallows, black candy melts and a little super black gel food coloring. I melted the marshmallows and then the candy melts and mixed them together and then added maybe two squirts of super black gel coloring. Mixed that together and then added sifted powdered sugar until I got the consistency I wanted, Wrapped it in plastic wrap and let sit overnight. Worked like a charm.
I have been asked to do a 3D Tasmanian devil cake in June. I am having a hard time truing to figure out how to sculpt it. Can anyone please give me any ideas how to start this cake. I wanted to make Taz breaking through a wooden floor so he would be half way out of the floor. Just need some insight as to how to make him. TIA   Jackie
Hello all! I was wondering if anyone could help me in finding a mold of a head, neck and shoulders. I wanted to practice doing a sugar casting of one and can not find a mold anywhere for one. Can anyone help me please? TIA.   Jackie
Hi ShugaTLC,   I would trace that image onto parchment or wax paper with and edible marker and then cut it out to use as a template instead of just plain paper. HTH   Jackie
Hello all! I would greatly appreiciate it also if I could get all 4 bottle labels emailed to me as well  Thank you so much! Also what other labels are you able to find?   Jackie
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! @ Rae and Shanter. This was extremely helpful. I thought about hanging plant stands but wasn't sure if there were any specifically for this type of cake.
Hello all! Can anyone help me locate a stand that would hold a hanging chandelier cake? I looked at and they have the equipment for the cake itself but not the stand. I tried googling it but had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I wanted to do a cake with an hour glass made out of sugar but I need a cake idea or theme to go with it. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I am drawing a total blank on this one . The cake is for no special occasion. Just wanting to try something different. TIA
I usually let the marshmallow cool but maybe I can let cool a bit longer. Thank you!
Good morning everyone! I really need some help/advice as to what I am possibly doing wrong with making my MMF. After I melt my marshmallows in the microwave and start to incorporate it into the powdered sugar, it sometimes have little gooey bits in the finished product. How can I avoid getting these little pieces of gooey bits in my fondant and have a nice smooth product? TIA   Jackie
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