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Wedding is today! Bride wanted fondant ribbon around entire cake!! Some of it is starting to come off! How do I fix this?? I've tried adding more buttercream but it's not wanting to stick
Ha! I have no idea?? It's 1:45 am and I'm still baking and can't think! : ) Will It be ok in the fridge all day until I get home this evening? Maybe I'm thinking it will sweat? Or I'm wondering if I need to let it come to room temp before adding fondant?
If I crumb coat my cake, stick it in the refrigerator and pull it out I'm the morning...will it be ok to decorate with fondant tomorrow evening? Or should I just let my cake sit out on the table?
I'm making this cake this weekend. I was planning on using a 12, 9, and 6 inch rounds. Does that sound right for the size of this cake?  
Ok cake bakers!!! Looking for the BEST pound cake and vanilla cake recipes for a wedding cake!! And any other suggestions would be wonderful as well! Oh! And a cream cheese buttercream and any other buttercream that would be wonderful on this cake! Thank you!!!!
I think your right!! I am looking at some over the other cakes this bakery has made with the same ruffles and they are darker in color which is more clear to see. I really don't want to use fondant... Is it possible to get this look with buttercream?
I will be making this cake this coming week for a wedding. Any info from all of you great cake masters would be appreciated! I'm pretty sure this is buttercream and not fondant, correct? What tip do you believe was used? She is wanting a pound cake with cream cheese buttercream. This cake will be outside.. Any suggestions for recipes? It will probably be in the mid 70s and hopefully not raining! : ) Also, this will be my first ombré cake so any suggestions on doing this...
so, I found a cake on CS that I said thatwant to make, of course in my own design.. Here is a link to the cake.. suppose to be making this for a friend of the family. I told told her that I would give her a good price on the cake but when she she is only budgeting $40-$50 for the cake Im thinking... you have got to be kidding me.. First of all it will most likely take me a day to make it and second its a lot of time and work.. I...
Just wondering if anyone has tried this? I found it on globalsugarart and am wondering how it compares to satin ice or any other fondant. Taste? applying/working with it? Thanks!!
I am making gum paste leaves but I cant seem to make them stick to the side of the cake very well. Im using water, if I use to much it get gooey and starts sliding down.If I use to little it wont stick. Anyone use anything besides water?
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