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Please help, Firstly i'm not a shop, Im a girl who bakes mainly for myself and friends. My cupcakes are very heavy and wet, I use equal amouts of butter 175grams, sugar, flour, 3 eggs, 1 baking powder, 1 vanilla .. When I buy cakes at ant event they seem to light, what am I doing wrong? do they ad more flour ? the other week I bought some cupcakes at a charity even and at first they seemed very light, but I could taste the after taste of Bicarb in the sponge.. I just want...
How do I make a buttercream that is white? All the butters are very yellow. I tried mallow frosting and it was a right sticky mess. Also Trex .. Can it be used for buttercream? or would it be a mix of half butter half trex. I want the roses to hold up and not slide off. Does Trex taste nice tho?
I understand that Trex can be used in buttercream, please can somebody throw some light on the recipe for me. Ive just made marshmallow butter cream and it was to hard, then I melted it down in the micro for a few seconds, My cakes were a right mess as it all slipped off. Never again. I want a buttercream that is stiff and will hold its shape on the cupcakes, one thats easy to pipe but wont slip off!!!I'm making cakes for the church to raise money and I dont want to leave...
I want to make a birthday cake for my friend. nothing to fancy . Im not a shop or company just little old me. This cake will need to hold fondant as I want to try and make a chanel type bag or something. also how do I right chanel? There're all so perfect .. do they have trnsfers or cut outs in america for chanel cakes ? in the uk we just have letter cutters and the C is nothing like the chanel C .. Thanks
I see many chanel look cakes. How do they do the wording ect.. the same kind of thing on labels on champagne cakes? the wording looks like a rice paper - icing transfer ? also I need a birthday cake recipe that will take fondant on it? the cake I make seems to loght to hold heavy fondant .. I want to make my friend a chanel cake and some how right chanel on it ? I have no idea where to start. The CC is easy enough ... but chanel .
God maybe I won't bake my dad a cake. Thank you for taking the time to add to my thread.Kind regards kim
Thank you everybody, my dad hasent had a cke for years.. Id love to make him one.Kind regards kim
My dad is diabetic , he cant take in any sugar at all. Does anybody know how I can make the cake sweet without sugar? sweetner maybe ?? advise please.
Ive seen many styles of chanel large cakes and small cup cakes with the CC logo on. Ive made the large CC fine but im finding it hard to make a cup cake topper . I just used a big glass to cut the circle for the big cake. I need ideas on small cc toppers?? can i but one anywhere? my god there are some amazing cup cakes on here with the small perfect size all matching cc logos on, how do they do it? Im not a shop just a gal at home . I want to make some cc cup cakes for my...
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