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Hi, I make all my cakes from scratch, I place 4 small blobs of fondant which I flatten with a dampened paintbrush dipped in water and excess removed on my cardboard boards, then I place my cake on top and press it down, then I cover with buttercream or ganache or whatever you choose, and cover each with fondant. Then insert my dowls into the bottom tier usually 4 unless the cake is very small the 3 and place a small circle of royal icing in the centre and place the next...
HiI have a cake to make for 26th May and they have asked if I could make it with the exploding fondant stars etc. Can anyone please explain or tell me where I can find a tutorial on how to make this look on my cake. I would really appreciate your help asap, so I can get it right in my head.
I was taught at TAFE that you should not keep fondant in the fridge as it sweats. I was checking on You Tube and it was said that you can as long as the temperature is 45 degrees and there are no other foods like oinions otherwise the fondant will pick up the taste? What is your opinion
Can anyone tell me where I find a Tutorial on this please
I have to make a cake with a Pelican on it for an adult, and I want to make it look as though it is swimming in water. Is there anything else other than Gel or a glaze that is edible. I do have food glaze, but it tastes disgusting. I would really appreciate your help as I am new to cake decorating, but just love. it.
Am I able to cover a sponge cake with fondant and would anyone have a foolproof recipe, would appreciate your help everyone
I am new to cake decorating, can anyone please tell me which is the most affective way to cover fondant with pearl dust?
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