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I use the Silhouette every day in my bakery. I print on gum paste, not icing sheets so I have to use the blade for gum paste. If you are only going to be cutting icing sheets, then the blade that comes with the Silhouette will be fine. You can adjust the depth of the blade to cut thicker materials, like icing sheets. If you want to do more that cut icing sheets, then you really need to invest in the kit from Linda McClure.
I have recently started making MFF and find that I need to condition it before I roll it out. I work in small amounts of shortening into the fondant and that helps smooth it out to get rid of the holes. Work the fondant for a few minutes, kneading it really well.
This is how I handle the bulging sides issue. I fill my cakes as usual, and I don't worry about a buttercream dam. I extend the filling frosting to the edge of each torted layer of cake. My 2 baked cake layers are cut 1" high, giving me 4 layers of cake.  When the cake is stacked, I run a coat of buttercream around the side of the cake. This fills in all the gaps and works any filling buttercream from each layer into the buttercream on the sides. My goal is to use this...
The Cricut cake machine has a different blade housing than the regular Cricut machines. You can use the deep cut blade housing unit with the deep cut blade in the Cricut Cake machine. The Cricut Cake is no longer being sold, so you may have to go to ebay to find replacement blades.
I added black color to the sugar lace mixture and it worked just fine. I made black lace pieces to put on a white cake and it was very pretty
If you use an electronic cutter Ike the Silhouette you can easily cut endless designs. THere is a tutoriall here.
 If you contact Linda through email or a phone call she will do her best to help you, even if you did not get your machine from her. She was a great help to me from the beginning and I use my Cameo all the time with my cakes. I can successfully cut icing sheets or gum paste. You do not want to cut through the paper, just through the icing sheet (not the backing paper). I do not use the blade that comes with the Silhouette, but the modified blade I got with my Cameo from...
There are several cakes at   I know the silhouette is used for a lot of those cakes
The Cricut Cake is no longer being produced. So if you go with it, you may not be able to get supplies in the future. Also, you need to buy cartridges to use with any Cricut machine.   You can buy the Silhouette and have it shipped to you. The great thing about the Silhouette is using your computer to create your own designs. I use mine almost everyday in my shop. It is a great time saver, and I can create very unique cakes.
If you have already bought your Silhouette you will need the accessory package, which includes the correct blade holder for cutting gum paste and other sugar products. The blade that comes with the Silhouette will cut icing sheets and paper, but it will not cut your sugar products.
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