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Thanks Jackie!
Hi yummy, all the cakes that I have done are covered with fondant, and I use a cake mix with an extra egg, buttermilk, sour cream and a small package of dry pudding mix. The cake holds up very well because the mixture is somewhat dense.
Hi jerrysdana,Check out there is a nice tutorial on how to do a tye dye cake. Hope it helps. Happy baking!
Yep. Called "Sugar Rush"
Hi Sullymel13, I am a chef by profession. Sugar as salt are natural preservatives, you can leave your cream cheese icing outside without any refrigeration only if it has 70% or more of powder sugar. Other than that keep it cold. Here at Sprinkles we keep our icings outside because the sugar ratio is very high and if we store them in the fridge the sugar crystalizes and becomes very hard to stir them. Have a happy baking.
Congratulations bigwheals! I bet you never thought that this could happen to you. Your cake is beautiful and that's a lot of cake.
Hannah:Your cakes look amazing! I can't believe you give them away for free. You have enough pictures for your porfolio do not hesitate about it. These kind of people don't deserve anything. You give them the hand and they want to take the whole arm.
Take your digital camera with you when you go to the stores. For example: you can find fabrics and ribbons with very cool patterns at the craft stores (JoAnn fabrics); take pictures of those that you like and there you have it, is free. Also go to the greeting cards section they have all kind of cards with different designs that could help when you are running out of ideas. Don't have to buy them unless if you need them but again you can take pictures.
Hola lindazully! Mi amiga hace bizcochos en P.R. y usa manteca vegetal (vegetable shortening) para el frosting. Hay varias alternativas, puedes usar solamente mantequilla sin sal y el resultado final es un frosting con sabor a mantequilla dulce, usar una combinacion de mitad mantequilla y mitad "shortening" o tambien puedes usar "shortening" solamente y anadir extracto con sabor a mantequilla sin color (marca Wilton).Buttercream frosting6 tazas de azucar en polvo1/2 taza...
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