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thanks. that's a great help.Tina
thanks for that!
I have just ran out of non stick spray for my cake pans! What should I use in it's place. I can't go out now to get more b/c of the rain rain rain!!! If i use butter and flour it might brown and burn my cake tops, so do i use shortening with flour? Help. I thank you in advance for any help.
I did some brochures for a wedding show recently. I tried it on a software program from Best Buy for only $20! This software has 20 programs in it. !0 for your home stuff and 10 for business stuff! IT's great!! I went to office max for brochure paper that is already scored for easy folding. Hope this helps and good luck with the brochures!
thanks for the input and the links... anyone else have their favorite to put in? TIATina
Would really like some help on this oneThanks
I am doing a bridal show in 3 weeks and want to know which flavors i should do for samples. Actually I am trying to get some new flavors to do besides the normal ones. I will be offering a white cake to sample, but what kind of filling should I use? Also what other flavor and filling should I use for the second cake sample? I really trust your opinions here, that is why I am asking! TIATina
Sorry to do this, but i just wanted to see if there is anyone here today that might have some ideas as well as these other ladies. I really have a good idea and would like some mire input! Thanks a bunch guys, you all are great!Tina
PSLCakeLady, that is a great website!!! Thanks for the link. It really has my brain going! Tina
Thanks for that response didi5. That really helped. I hope to do this by myself but not so sure of that now. I have a friend going with me but she is just helping me. She has taken the wilton course 1 so she knows a bit about it. The advice was great!Thanks -Tina
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