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Posts by Sheri_e,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=products-bakeware-duffgoldmanyou can order them online probably...try these
when i do alot of piping I usually put on wrist supports. Just a thin ace bandage does wonders! HTH
Looks like you got a multi-purpose cookie cutter! Look at all the ideas you can get from it! To first thought was bat-man!
Its for milk in the recipie, just sour cream. I wanted to try a recipie that i found for coconut cream pie cookies...would the syrup work for that?
can anything be substituted for coconut extract? like coconut milk, or shredded coconut? I found a new recipe i would like to try, but dont have any coconut extract...
My first attempt was mostly a flop...they tasted good, but the pop kept falling apart on the stick. Not sure what i did wrong...will get gutsy again and try again. Thanks for the feedback!
Thats a good idea, thanks. I try to avoid the candy melts, i am not a fan of the way they taste. (I think i am the only one that feels that way though lol).
I want to make halloween cookies this weekend for my kids' class. I am just making a sugar cookie, white icing, and want to put a web in the middle. I was thinking about just using a chocolate bar for the web, will that work? Will it have to be tempered, or just melt like a am covering? Also...if i add black food coloring to it will that work?
I need some ideas please. I am a reasonable new baker with big ideas, and no idea how to carry some of them out. I want to make my sons team a soccer cake at the end of the season. I would like to make a soccer field, with edible goals. anyone have any ideas on how to make them white? also...for the chalk lines, i would prefer not to use you think it would work if i used white chocolate, froze it then ground it up? any suggestions would be greatly...
so would i thin it down so you can still dip it? I was just trying to figure out a way to do these without going to the store Thank you so much for your reply!
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