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I also order my hi ratio shortening from GFS, it comes in 50 lb cube. Yes, it is called Sweetex
I just recently purchased the Canon IP3600 from and it is a wonderful printer! Great quality!!!But I agree 100% with tiggy2 I bought the premium frosting sheets and gold lable edible ink. Also, their customer service is Fantastic!!!! I feel that your ink and sheets are very important on the fact of quality of your product!!! hth
I just recently bought the canon IP3600 I Just Love it and I purchased it on Ebay for around $78.00. I bought my edible ink from Icing Images including my frosting sheets. I think that having really good ink makes nice crisp photo's. The frosting sheets are very good and they are a good grade.hth.
I buy my editble ink and frosting sheets from Icing Images! The quality of there ink and frosting sheets is great! Plus the taste is actually pretty good. hth
You can also purchase the colored frosting sheet paper from icing images.
Hi, I have purchased my edible ink from Icing Images, and the quality of the ink is very good, when you print your picture. Also, I buy my frosting sheets from Icing Images, very good quality and taste good too! hth
I am also giving this a bump for last question. Where do you buy your boards and boxes in bulk? Thanks
Congrats to you !!!!!!! Okay now????? Where is the picture????
I too would love the recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing! Sounds Yummy!!!
Thank You So Much Zespri, I sent you a message.
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