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Thank you.  I was leaning towards your first idea exactly.   I was having problems trying to figure out how to make the papers look like they were flying through the air.  :)
I have been asked to make a cake for my friend who is retiring.   They want it to be her driving off into the sunset with papers flying out of the windows.    I was wondering if any of you had any ideas how to achieve that effect (papers flying)?   Any ideas would be VERY helpful!   Thank you.
Thank you Leah.   I feel the same way, I don't want the cake to be stale.  
I have a co-worker who wants me to do a cake for her friend's graduation.   Unfortunately I am going to be out of town from Wednesday through Sunday.   She wants the cake for Monday.    She has asked if she can pick up the cake on the Wednesday before Monday and will it still be fresh for Monday?   It is covered in fondant with buttercream filling with 24 cupcakes also.   Just wondering your opinions on this matter.    What would you do?    Thank you for your help.
Thank you everyone!   Yes, I thought I was going to lose my religion last night!!!  :0    I will keep working with it and see what happens.  
Maybe I did knead it too much.  I was trying to get a rich purple.    I'll try it on something else and see if that might be the problem.   Thank you.
I was using Satin Ice Fondant on a cake last night.    I had to recover the cake three times because the fondant would keep developing dry spots (almost elephant skin) or tearing.   I was not even using any cornstarch when rolling out.   I kneaded it very well.    Why is it drying out so quickly?    I also added some Glycerine to try and make it more pliable.   Any suggestions or which fondant do you all recommend?     Thank you for your help!
Thank you for the ideas!
What is the easiest way to make  a beer can?   I need a beer can as a decoration on a birthday cake.   I need it to be actual size.   I appreciate any help you can offer.   :)    Thank you.
I have to create a "small" polka dot background on fondant. What do you think would be the easiest way to accomplish this task? I was thinking of finding or making a stencil and airbrushing or painting.Any ideas? Thank you.
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