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why cant i see the instructions..... im computer stupid!
i dont do a lot of wedding cakes , i do tons of specialty cakes and two tiered cakes. what do you charge for an equipment fee? cost plus shipping? thank you so much for your fast responses. im thinking ill stick to my original stacking method, but try the bubble tea straws, and then when making a larger cake (for sure a wedding cake) ill get "system" ill have to order one to try out! again thanks ladies
to me i feel like the sps is quite expensive for disposable use. where are you ordering them from?
i think that i probably didnt pay as close attention to my length of my dowels as i should have and that one may have been longer than the other. i also am sure that i didnt use enough dowels. i had a ten inch round on the bottom with 5 dowels, an 8" with ONLY 4 dowels. supporting a "red hat lady cake with a "yarn cake on top of that! !! the cake with only 4 dowels is the one that collapsed/tipped over. live and learn. i m glad to here that i can stick with dowels. ...
so i made a 4 tiered cake this weekend (thankfully not for a client) and it totally collapsed, i have been trying to find info in the forum about the perfect support for multiple tiered cakes. i used dowels and cardboard boards. i thought this was gunna be completely fine as i had no idea that maybe i should be buying more thatn dowels etc. how do i buy these "stacking systems" to use, do i lend them out? rent them out? i just like the idea of giving them thier cake...
what are your favorite sites to order all your supplies from. i would like to find one (maybe two) websites that i can order from instead of running to all different stores and ordring from different sites. any advice? thankx
i want to get new letters, (cuz i hate the wilton ones, that i have used way too long) can some of you fill me in on the pros and cons of the tappits and clikstix, and which you recommend, also if there are other ones out there that you think are the best, please let me know. thank you
the website my cake school was just brought to my attention, has anyone joined this site? i wanted some advice before i paid money to see the tutorials. thanks
thank you all so much for your replys, this forum is great help!
i have a cake request to make royal blue velvet cake. is this pretty much a white cake with blue food coloring. I am a doctored box baker, please dont judge me . lol can i just make my normal vanilla cake with blue color? is there a specific flavoring in it? thanks
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