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i am going to be making a cake with snowflake "figures" all over it, i am not sure how the best way to make these are.... i dont have a mold, and dont have time to order one.... would it be best to pipe them with royal icing?
thank you so much for the info, how come on some of your tier listing, the 8" only have 10 servings? vs the 24?
so i typically do specialty cakes and tiered cakes. i have not done a cake for an even serving 150. i am very excited about this but what would be the best sizes to use. she origianlly thought of doing a huge sheet cake, but i dont really do full sheet cakes , as i dont have a big enough oven. plus they seem kinda boring to me. does anyone have any suggestions as to what size cakes i should use for 150 people. thank you in advance
i would use piping gel if you are really worried, although i do tons of specialty cakes and i just mist with water or put the fondant on before it crusts, or use a non crusting icing. good luck!
no i didnt.! thanks for the simple and common sense advice! lol i didnt even think of it! lol thanks
okay so i tried isomelts for the first time today. i bought the little "pellit like" bag of isomelts. melted them and put them into the little gem like molds. i had a hard time getting them out of the molds without getting cracks in them or leaving some of the isomelt stuck in the mold. does anyone have any input or things they have learned about isomelts. advice would be greatly apprciated.
does anyone know where i can find the pedal effect cake tutorial?
even with the whole cake covered in fondant?
okay so i have always been very worried about putting cakes with ANY fondant on them in the fridge. in fear that they might sweat, but i have been reading a lot of peoples posts that mention refridgerating their cakes even with fondant! does anyone have any advice! cuz i am always waking up super early in the morning to get my cakes out of the fridge so i can finish up with the fondant parts! lol this is a hastle and probably not necessary. your thoughts would be...
where do you suggest getting bubble teas straws for supports? are there any specifics i should be considering when buying them?
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