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they arent "burnt" they are "over done...." very crisp darker edges, especially square corners.
i couldnt seem to find an answer to this question. i have been baking cakes for awhile now, and all my larger cakes are getting burnt edges, especially my SQUARE cakes.!!!! aaahhh help, i have had an emergency last night and had to "trim" down my edges.... i havent seemed to have this problem in the past, although i dont always bake large cakes. and most are round. PLEASE HELP!!! i have tried, putting a flower nail in, and a heating core, (i used a heating core in...
kkurek, i would love the instructions as well! you do beatiful work, and a very much appreciate all the information. thank you so much
wow, that was phenomenal information. i havent heard of putting glucose in...... i make 3-5 cakes a week, and i wont be useing modeling chocolate on all of them, so i dont think i would make that large of a batch. how does it store? could i make it and store it, and use it within the next couple weeks? if i were to use one bag of melts, how much glucose and corn syrup would i use? (do i just half the amount of chocolate to find out how much corn syrup? Do i use...
im going to be trying modeling chocolate, as with many other things in cake decorating, im guessing it comes with a lot of trial and error, any pointers for me, good ratio of chocolate to corn syrup? storage, type of chocolate etc. thanks
does anyone have any unique or good ideas for an "airbrush box", or ideas of where you do your airbrushing. i currently have a box with top and side cut out, it works out pretty well, but wanted to get input as to what other decorators do when they dont have a huge space.... thanks in advance
I specialize in specialty 3d figure cake designs. Although there is a huge limit as to what I can make due to my lack of knowledge in "supports". I'm wanting to get into larger sculpted cakes. (Not classic tiered cakes. More like cake boss. Lol. If you need an example). Does anyone have any tips or advice for a beginner sculpter . Thanx
i have been finding Tons of different "pan =# of serving charts", and have a hard time deciding which one to go by. some of them are sooo different! does anyone have any suggestions as to what charts they use to determine number of servings... thanks
i am using the wiltons box royal icing mix. i wanted to get a feel for royal icing and then find a recipe....... maybe i use to much liquid...., but its so hard to pipe, so that makes me feel like i dont have enough liquid. the piping doesnt seem to hold its form. i think im gunna forget hte wilton stuff and use the recipe that has been suggested....
i am having a hard time mastering royal icing. i have been decorating for awhile and havent used it much, mostly cuz when i have tried i cant get the right consistancy and it never dries hard..... any tips. i just tried wilton royal icing the other day, and it was super thick and hard to pipe and never dried hard.......what am i doing wrong? thanks in advance!
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