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i am making a cake for a family with a son with a nut allergy. can anyone tell me the ingredients to STAY AWAY from as far as cake and buttercream.... i usually use doctored duncan hines mixes..... i called dh and they said that they dont use any nut products, but use a third party for packaging..... help, im super nervous about this!
is there a good buttercream recipe that is okay for nut allergies?
how do i get this chocolate effect? is it dipped in ganache? is it buttercream underneath? it looks so perfect!
i am using kromakolors color and kopykake airbrush. and no i am not letting layers dry! lol. impatient is my middle name! thank you for the responses. ! any imput on the best airbrush and compressor?
how do i keep my airbrush color from making "dew" like drops on my cake. is there a better airbrush color brand? i seem to be getting it a lot lately, of course it when im adding more color to make it please and thank you
i definetely am.... i have never had this issue tho. is it because of the humidity? i need to be able to store them in the fridge so i can do them a day or two (if needed) ahead of time..... i think....
recently (since it has warmed up outside) my cakes have been sweating eccesively! i have never had this problem. what is the best way to prevent this???? what happens if i have very intricate painting on the cake, i cant risk the chance that it will run! any info would help. tia!
thank you so much msthang
i am trying the ck bavarian cream filling. i will definetely have some left over in the bag, how long can i keep it refridgerated to keep it good?
i inquired about this a couple months ago. .... i am having a difficult time deciding and finding a good serving size chart... i am told that most decorators use the wilton guidlines. is this true for you? i feel like the pieces are so much smaller than people really cut. so i have been researching and there are soooooo many different ones out there. i would like to have a cutting chart for them when they get their cakes. for an example wilton says and 11x15...
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