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so you dowel the cake tiers, then foam boards on cake boards (with no dowels needed???) etc. etc and so on till the top?
so i assume all the cakes designed like this are with molds? i love the detail, and have come across some very un-userfriendly molds. does anyone have any advice as to a good brand of molds with this design, or close to this design. tia
i love wedding cakes like these, but how are they stacked? what is used in the middle of each tier to give that separation (in red in this pic). tia
i am making some buttercream "dummy" cakes for display, is there a particular buttercream recipe that is best for this, cuz it will be sitting out for a long time to come! are there certain ingredients to stear clear of? tiz
what does everyone use for their cake "dummies" in bakeries and in showrooms/windows? is it just reg cake dummies with reg fondant? doesnt the fondant mold after awhile?
what is your favorite airbrush color? i have been using kromakolors for awhile and am wondering if i shoudl try something different before i "re-stock"???? americolors? any suggestions?
i had no idea cupcaking is so different than cakes. lol. how do i keep these things fresh! i have been testing recipes to find a menu that i am going to use for my deluxe cupcake menu. everyday im whipping up creative new batches of cupcakes and delivering to friends, but if i put them in the refridgerator, the next day they are hard.... im guessing because the cake edges are exposed. do i keep them out of the fridge? how do i cover them if they are decorated?
what are best cupcake liners?
how do i get this ruffle effect? is it fondant?
every time i make cream cheese icing, its sooo thick heavy and runny like. is this just the consistancy it always is? i see pics all the time of cc icing and it doesnt look like that, and the recipe i am using is the same version that i find all over. am i doing something wrong? does anyone have a good cream cheese icing recipe?
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