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i use an airbrush on a pretty regular basis. i just found out i am pregnant, and worry about if it effects the baby. i was curious since its edible? is it bad? i have ventilation but not tons, as i probably do 3-5 cakes a week with airbrushing. tia
how do you get your cheesecake this shape? is there a certain pan? are they cut after baking? tia
i have a four tiered cake this weekend. the bottom 12" is a dummy, do i need to put dowels in the dummy to support the rest of the cake or will the dummy hold that weight? this may actually be a very dumb question! lol
thanks for the advice, the difference in temp makes perfect sense, but everything i read says to refridgerate or freeze first for easy dipping........
why is the chocolate coating cracking on my cake balls and pops. and do you know how to fix this?
for anyone that is familiar with davids amazing artistry, my understanding is that he used royal icing for majority of his very intense piping on cakes. wouldnt that be too hard to cut and eat with so many layers of royal icing piping? tia?
what do you use for the logo on a sugar glass beer bottle? tia
i am starting to work with isomelt and sugar glass, and have run across a couple questions. how do you make it so it doesnt get sticky? i made a sugar glass beer bottle and when i unmolded it, its very sticky to the touch, the same think happens with my isomelt diamonds. then when i touch them, i get finger smudges on them. any tips? tia
i know you can use any flowers on cakes, i am just looking for some enlightenment on what some of you favorite gumpaste flowers are for wedding cakes. tia
so you stensil with an air brush?
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