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I was just reading this thread, and you said you were ready to set up in 2007 in mn,  if you are still on, I would love to hear if it was successful!!!!  I am going to be moving home to mn and want to continue my cake decorating business but it sounds like there are a lot of hoops to get through!  thank you!
thank you so much!,  is there a benefit to the magnetic molds besides using the transfer sheets?
What are your favorite truffle/chocolate molds. Do you recommend the magnetic ones? I don't want to use the transfer sheets so I don't believe I need those. What are your thoughts. I want good quality but decent price. Tis
i am looking for an construction and support advice for this wedding cake that i am doing. tia
how do i put ribbon on the bottom of each tier of a wedding cake, without any "greasy buttery" spots soaking through?  and what to i hold it together in the back with.?  thanks so much!
can you tell me the sizes of these cakes?  also hte bride does not want fondant!!!! can i put swags on buttercream??  PLEASE tell me there is a way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tia
I am a cake decorator out of my home, my business is growning and i am doing a lot more wedding cakes.  For at home cake decorators, how do you do cake tasting/testing for brides/grooms clients.  I have been baking mini cakes but i always end up with so much extra cake/batter, which is a waste of money.  I dont have every cake and filling combonation ready all the time so i obviously have to bake each one.  does anyone have any ideas how to best do this "cost...
i have a client that wants to have a cake made with the wilton castle kit,  what do you make the peaks of the castle with? cake? rice krispies? (the purple parts?)  tia
i am looking into gettin a printer for edible images, and dont know if there are some that are better than others.   Are there certain feature that i want?  is certain ink better than others?  better paper than others?  and most impotantly does the ink dry out fast,  i have a business out of my home, and dont use edible images very often, but would like to have it for certain kinds of cakes.  thank you s much for you advice!
thank you all so very much for the congrats and advice!
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