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All I have to transport are the clamshell containers for cupcakes, which I'm not sure are airtight...   in any case, thank you for your responses :)
would I have to refrigerate them overnight if I have fruit fillings and a cream cheese frosting?
I've been planning for a few weeks and I'm making 60 cupcakes today for a bridal shower that is at 2:00 tomorrow. The shower is for my cousin and she lives 2 hours away... I'm going to the shower and will be at our grandmothers around 10am, and she wants to pick these up at noon....   I have all the decorations (fondant related ones anyway) finished... my questions are these:   1. Should I make the frostings (chocolate buttercream, lemon cream cheese and raspberry...
I see nothing wrong with making one. However, I wouldn't eat one. Cutting into it seems pretty morbid, but I feel that way about any 'lifelike' cake (includings pets, etc). I keep remembering the scene from Steel Magnolias with the red velvet armadillo cake., can't do it.
I think it's a beautiful cake :) A coworker of my husband said he thought my buttercream was too sweet (not knowing I had baked it) and I began to second guess EVERYTHING about what I bake, even though he loved the cupcake itself and most people who have had them love them. It's frustrating when self doubt takes over :) but that's social media for you. everyone has an opinion.
OP, I always pre-heat my oven to 400.... I fill 2/3 full and then bake them at 400 for 5 minutes then lower to 350 for the remaining time.... I always get a really lovely dome...
I use the doctored recipe from mybakingaddiction too... and I've mixed it up a lot with different flavors and the cupcakes always come out tasting amazing.
I buy greaseproof liners from bakeitpretty :)
what kind of frosting are you making? is a site I use for liners :)  
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