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same here, I get lots of little craters with Satin Ice,  don't know what else to try. didn't like Fondarific either. very frustrating indeed.
use some sort of wooden support structure in the centre of it. fondant/ gumpaste should work, how about modeling chocolate? good luck
I made this one with rice crispies/ buttercream and individual planks. I textured the planks before I put them on.
Well then, we agree to disagree. Sorry if you feel i have an "up in the nose attitude". Good luck with your cake.
 Hi there, I am not a professional baker either, but I do use food safe practices all the time, especially if I was to serve the food to other people. I got 5 days from you, you said you were going to bake them on Friday, doesn't matter if they were baked in the am or pm, it's still a day for me, and you didn't mention anything about freezing. So by the time you serve this cake it will be 5 days from the baked day. I will not eat a cake that has been out for the long, even...
Really? food safe is not an issue for you after having a cake baked 5 days before it's eaten with no refrigeration?
Sending you many hugs and prayers! I am sure your daughter will make a full recovery having a wonderful mom like you! Take care of your daughter.  Don't give this woman another ounce of your time she is not worth it, I feel sorry for her too, but karma will make it's way around back at her. If you choose let us know how she is doing! Happy thoughts from around the world!!! :)
what did she come up with?
hello Dayti, thank you for your reply. yes, I should also use the tea straws in the cake as well, forgot. wrapping I think will be best too. Thanks again.
Hello everyone,   I have been asked to make a double barrel cake. I have googled to get some insight but I still would like to ask all of you if my thought process seems correct. So the client wants a 6 inch round by 18 inch high cake. I thought about making 3 sets of 4 inch cake (2 inches each layer) and then have rice krispies formed for the other 4 inches, all with cream in-between each layer, all doweled with 3 full length dowels into the 10 inch base...
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