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Have you seen photos from the Turtles movies that came out back it the 90's? My brothers were huge fans when were kids and besides the cartoons, those movies are what comes to my mind when I think about it.
I feel that great time management would work wonders IF!!! you have kids that cooperate. I on the other hand have a 2 year old and 8 month old at home who require ALOT of parenting. I think I spend half my day trying to get one or the other down for naps, feeding them, changing them, playing with them. I struggle to find time to plan/make dinner, that once they are in bed for the night that's when the dishes get washed. So at the moment I don't have many cakes booked for...
I know you have already gone through Ottawa, however I live in a small town outside Ottawa and I have ordered a few times from Golda's kitchen. Each time the items have come the very next day! In my opinion there are no good cake decoratoring stores in Ottawa. I really think there is only one and it never has anything I need (I used to live closeby in Nepean and still never bothered going in) I would much rather go to Micheals.
I was just searching for the same thing tonight. However I am in Ontario, Canada so all the companies I can find are in the US and don't ship to Canada. So far the cheapest place I have found is ebay. It would be nice to hear where others get theirs and how much everyone charges customers to rent.
I have never done a tasting, so I don't have too much experience giving advice on that. However, the bride's choices are alittle over the top for me. I don't understand why she would ask you to make her these cakes to sample when you never said you offered those selections. She has obviously seen those flavour combinations on another baker's website and is trying to see if you can make them for her. I don't think I would make most of those suggestions, especially for a...
Does this shop make wedding and novelty cakes too? 20% of the total price of the cake? That seems like alot of money to me. Unless you can charge 20% more than usual for the cake so that way you can still make the same profit. Not sure about this one.
I would be insulted too. Why would she assume you would make her a cheap cake if the other baker wouldn't? Some people.
Sorry, I don't have any input into this topic. However, I am very interested in others answers. Thanks for posting the questions.
I agree with everyone above. You would just be losing money by giving a discount. I was speaking with another cake decorator in my town last year about cupcakes and she starting telling me a story about a client that kept changing the amount of cupcakes she wanted for her wedding. At first she wanted 200. So the decorator was going to charge her $1/cupcake. Then it was 100, so she changed it to $1.50/cupcakes. Afterwards I just kept thinking, why was she giving the...
Haha. I never thought about it that way. I am so so cheap and would never spend alot of money on a cake. I guess that's why I make them.
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