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I do have a fan. I just brought it out and set it up. And I will give that a try. Thanks. Should I still worry about putting the cakes into the fridge to harder the icing?
I have a wedding cake due for tomorrow. I have done a few wedding cakes over the years, but this is my first cake not to be covered in fondant. So last night I took my 3 tiers out of the freezer, filled and crumb coated and left them out in the basement rec room overnight to settle. It is cool down there and relatively humid in the rest of the house, however I have been keeping the air conditioner on high today. My issue: This afternoon I went to check on the cake and the...
I use a 50/50 butter and shortening (not hi ratio). I am in Canada and have not seen one at the grocery store, and with the many many other cake items I can't just find in town, I havn't even looked into ordering any. I have tryed indyDebi's recipe and did not care for it, neither did my husband. Much too sweet for me. But everyone likes different things, right. I think we are much more picky than our customers.
So I have read this whole thread, read the news article and watched the video. And now I am more confused than ever. Even though I beleive that the OP is the victim in all this, I still don't understand why she has not informed us why the news story is SO completely different than what she has told us. Just curious thats all.
Completely normal response. Business is business.
I only read these posts after quickly scrolling down pretty much pages 3 & 4. Did not feel like reading people's (once again) rants at each other on CC. My opinion, make the cake for free. Even if you are not legal, it is very unprofessional to cancel on someone a month before event. It is not the customer's fault you did not do your research and find out it was not legal to sell cakes.
I do think your response was a little overkill. I looked at you ipad cake photo and yes it does look like one large edible photo placed on a cake. I know it took you many hours to bake, ice, purchase the photo however if the customer showed you a photo and expected a decorated ipad cake, with cut out images then I think she deserves alittle refund. If I were that customer, I am not sure I would be coming back for another cake, especially after that long email. Just my...
I agree with the others. They have some good advice. The main reason I do not have a website is because I do not have many cake photos. I am just starting out small for now and when I have done alot more cakes and am ready for more business, I will set up a website. There are a few cake decorators in my area with websites that feature only "inspirational cakes" (their words). I figure if someone has the knowledge to get onto your website, they can also type wedding cake...
Congratulations! Everything must be so exciting for you right now. Good luck and keep the orders coming.
I think that it's stupid that the topic of conversation here has switched to the poster's choice of name to refer to her customers in a vent rather than why she posted in the first place.
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