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Well I don't have a website myself, but first glance at yours I am impressed. I like the colour combinations. Your cakes are very well done. You are very talented. And your photos look professional. As someone less experienced in the business word, your site is somewhat how I would like mine to look someday.
I am in Eastern Ontario and I have been using Flour Confections and Golda's mostly. Shipping is typically around $10 for most of my orders, but I usually get the package in a day or two which I love. I havn't really tried any US websites because I havn't found any that would offer me a better shipping rate or time of delivery.
I have never made a doll cake, I did however just bake a cake in the Betty crocker dome pan yesterday. Guessing by the cake recipe I used and looking at the cake, I would think it would serve up to 20 people. But this is just a guess. I would thinking if you put the doll on top of a square cake, you would have more than enough. I think others actually use a smaller half ball pan. Hopefully someone can help you out more.
I was about to buy that cupcake stand and even a silver cake plateau from that company a few months ago. The Prices seemed great. But luckily I started reading the reviews. Oh my, there were 100's of really bad complaints/reviews. I know some people get lucky and their items are fine, but it seemed like it was going to be a huge gamble with your money to buy anything from them. And the fact that they have no contact information except email right away screams buyer beware!
I only played around with it for a couple minutes, but I could not figure out how to input multiple tiers for a wedding cake. Maybe I need to take a longer look.
Hi thanks for your help. I think we are going to do white, black, white tiers with no ribbon. I really like the look of just black and white on a cake and I am pretty certain that is the look she is going for too. I am going to put some purple gumpaste orchids on top. I like the idea of the dots along with the swirls. I think that will be the hardest part of the cake, just deciding what piping to do on the cake because I am so picky. Thanks for you input.
So I have a bride that i am trying to design a cake for. Her colours are black and white with some accents of purple. It will be a 3 tier, round fondant wedding cake. She requested one or two of the tiers to be black. And she would like some scrolling designs on the cake. OK, then she sends me pictures of cakes she likes. Some are all white, some all black, some one black tiers, some 2 black, some just have black ribbon on white cake. Most of alot of piped black designs on...
Sorry but now I'm confusing. So everytime people have potluck dinner parties, friends buy ingredients for each other to make dishes/cakes for parties, this is illegal? Agree with Jason-Lisa, silly!
I also have never used Mccalls fondant. I am mostly making my own marshmallow fondant. I actually made hot pink fondant last night for the first time and I had no trouble colouring it hot pink with Wilton Rose. I did however add the gel to the melted marshmallows. I remember reading on CC previously people having trouble getting hot pink. Sorry no help there.I have never used Nutriwhip to pipe with. Is it not just like Dreamwhip? I am not sure it would be stable enough.
Best answer I've heard in awhile. If you really want to try and do something to rid yourself of having to tell these planners no all the time, this would be it. Very professional and straight to the point.
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