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i have never seen a faux cake here in oklahoma! please any other ccers in ok, correct me if i am mistaken! i just dont understand the reasoning, kinda like indy says the ole bait and switch! i would be soooo dissapointed if i saw this beautiful cake on the table and was served sheet cakes!!!oh and as far as every wedding i have been to, the cake is always cut at the table after the cutting pictures, ect. right there, where everyone can see it being butchered.....
kristen i make pink lemonade cupcakes, they are really rasp lemonade. and they are to die for!!! pm me and i will send u the recipe.
oh arent those the cutest things!!!!!! but i have no clue how to make them! cake ball for head, the rest fondant or rkt covered in buttercream hair? good luck!!!!
i usually use a waldor astoria frosting on my red velvet. its a boiled icing so its stable for longer. google it, it should be the first one to come up.
i use this method too, just never knew what it was called! my cakes and cupcakes come out light and fluffy and moist, i think it works perfectly!!!
thats what the friend says! lol thanks sharon for the site, will tell her about it!
sibelsah, try this thread. it might be helpful.
i got one too, havent tried it yet, was kinda intimidated!! but determined to try it this wkend!
i think i saw a pan something like that the last time i was at micheals. seems like the same one, i never thought about putting ice cream in them tho! what an idea!
have a friend of a freind who is looking for some yummy cupcakes around where she lives, north island new zealand. i told her i would ask around. so what do u guys think? does anyone have a bakery around there or know of a good one? tia
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