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Thank you for your help!
I've seen several cakes that have no frosting on the sides - such as Sweetapolita's Inside-Out Neapolitan Layer Cake. Is there something you do to keep the cake layers from drying out since there is no frosting covering the side?
How do you like your consistency for icing/frosting the cake? Why do you like that better? I see some people use firm and some use soft.
I read somewhere that make sure you have a damp crumb coat. If it has dried, the ruffles tend to slide off.
Ok, I bit the bullet and ordered it. Can't wait to see it.
Diane, When you get this, would you please come back and give a "review" of it? Let us know if it teaches you something you did not know or could not grasp until she showed you how to do it. For me, making a rosebud is something I cannot grasp! I can make gorgeous full roses, but that rosebud alludes my brain.
Thank you, Angie, for posting this. I found the DVD. But right now, I can't spend that money, but I'll definitely keep in the back of my mind for the future.
Hmm. Maybe next time, I will make a small batch of buttercream with shortening only for the electric blue. I've seen electric blue icing that is the right color, so it's got to be one of the ingredients. I was leaning toward the milk, but maybe it's the coloring in the butter. I guess I could try two experiments - One with shortening only and one with butter/shortening with water. Maybe that would find the "culprit'!!
Cakelady, That's an interesting concept of how to explain what stiff icing is. I'll have to remember that "check."
I made a rainbow cake. I used the americolor electric colors. I colored my buttercream (made with real butter, half&half, clear vanilla) to match the layers of the cake. However, the electric blue would not become the same color as the cake layer. It was a sky blue - never would turn "electric" - no matter how much color I added. The cake layer was the perfect electric blue color. Also, the purple worked fine in the cake and buttercream.So what is it in the...
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