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Thank you for the tip!  I was hoping I would'nt have to wait till then to add the raspberries, but that is probably my only solution.  I do the activity's for my HOA and get very busy serving the dinner's and dessert. 
Last year for the 4th of July I made a really nice flag cake, but by the time I took it out of the fridge (whipped cream) the red juice from the raspberries ran all over the whipped cream.
I've never made one before, but my son-in-law asked me to make one for his company.  I put 2 together to make a big one.  The decorating was a joy, but assemeling the house made me crazy! 
I have a rush order for a 1/2 sheet cake filled with bavarian cream and strawberries. The icing is van. butter cream. Since the cake must be refrigerated, (because of the filling) will my fondant figure and decorations hold up? Please help, since I have no clue and need this made by Friday, Oct. 26th. Thank you in advance.
Hi everyone. I have a question for a cake I'm making. I do not like fondant (the taste) but want to add quilting lines on a purse cake. If I ice my purse with B/C and then freeze it for a little while would it work to use the round quilting tool to make the lines without messing it up? Thanks in advance.
Peacockplace; if you love almond (it's by far my favorite) I've go a great almond cake for you. Buy a can of SOLO almond cake and pastry filling. The receipe is on the back of the label. People rave over this cake. It's got a very strong almond flavor. Let me know if you try it.
Thank you for the link. The video's there are very helpful. I'm still not clear on whether or not there are separate cartridges for crafts or cake decorating. I bought the cricut cake at Joann's for $199.00.
Thanks Lilscakes. Looks like I'll be going to Michaels tomorrow. If they are gone, they're going to get an earfull since the saleswoman told me I can't use them in my cake cricut machine. You don't have a Michaels by you?
I just bought myself the cricut machine. I saw cartridges at Michaels, but I asked a sale person about them. They were $9.99, but she told me they were for crafting, not cakes or dough. Is she right? Are there 2 different types, one for cakes and one for crafts? I'm confused.
I didn't make cookies. I made ghosts on a cake. Thanks for the input, I love the way Fondant looks, so I will try the MMF. Thanks for the video and recipes also, I greatly appreciate it.
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