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Thank you EllaVanilla!
Can anyone please offer their advice? I would really appreciate it!
    I am making a Care Bear cake & I want to cover the cake in buttercream instead of fondant. I want to make rainbows on the cake similar to the ones that are in the attached photos. What should I use to "glue" the fondant rainbows to the buttercream cake? I usually cover my cakes in fondant so I'm not sure what the best method is. Thanks in advance!
Thank you kakeladi!
  Can anyone tell me what specific type of flowers are used on the top tier of the attached photo? Or are they just fantasy flowers? Thanks in advance for your help!
Thank you K8Memphis!
Does anyone know how to get a mint green color without using the actual Americolor mint green? None of the cake supply stores in my area carry the Americolor mint green. Thank you in advance!
Thank you everyone for responding! I use Michelle Foster's fondant not marshmallow fondant that uses gelatin, milk, corn syrup, butter, glycerine, vanilla, salt & powdered sugar. Shazza-I will have to give that recipe a try that uses crisco instead of butter & see if it makes a difference. I am just confused as to why 2 tablespoons of butter would make that much of difference in the color of the fondant.
Faradaye-Thanks for responding. I only use 2 tablespoons of butter in my fondant. Can anyone else help me with getting wedding white fondant?
Thank you Enga!
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