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Thank you K8Memphis!
Does anyone know how to get a mint green color without using the actual Americolor mint green? None of the cake supply stores in my area carry the Americolor mint green. Thank you in advance!
Thank you everyone for responding! I use Michelle Foster's fondant not marshmallow fondant that uses gelatin, milk, corn syrup, butter, glycerine, vanilla, salt & powdered sugar. Shazza-I will have to give that recipe a try that uses crisco instead of butter & see if it makes a difference. I am just confused as to why 2 tablespoons of butter would make that much of difference in the color of the fondant.
Faradaye-Thanks for responding. I only use 2 tablespoons of butter in my fondant. Can anyone else help me with getting wedding white fondant?
Thank you Enga!
Cassie-thank you for responding. I always use clear vanilla in my fondant as well. I've tried the white Americolor before & it was really runny & didn't work very well. I have attached a photo of the cake I am talking about.
I have attached a pic of the final cake. Thanks again for all your help!
I make my own fondant using MFF. I just made a white wedding cake with pink roses. But the white is more of a cream or off white. I also used my air brush to spray the pearl sheen all over the cake to give it a sparkle sheen. What could I do to make the fondant a pure wedding white in the future? Thanks in advance for your help!
This is probably too late to help you, but I thought I would still respond. If you are talking about the yellowish-green colored softball, I used lemon yellow & added a touch of green. Hope that helps!
I actually ended up just burying 9 in. pans from a restaurant supply store in my area. I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive they were & they are good quality too!
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