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Can you ice them on site? Maybe keep the buttercream on ice and ice there?
I'm doing a last minute cake for a family get together today. I don't have any sour cream but would Greek yogurt be a good substitute? Many thanks for your help!
Maybe try adding a packet of fruit punch koolaid to the buttercream? For the cake I would add a combo of jello/gelatin flavours - maybe 1-1 1/2 tsp of dry mix of each of the following flavours - cherry, strawberry, orange, and pineapple to the cake mix. Good luck! Sounds like it'll be an interesting flavour!
What country are you in? I'm in the Caribbean as well so may be able to give you a better price feel based on the average prices in the region .and yes you are spot on - many Caribbean people really hate fillings in cakes and prefer single layer cakes. I get requests for cakes with no filling all the time.
It just depends on the area you live in and your costs. It sounds like a lot of work...Personally I would charge between $80-$100 for the 8" plus the cost of flowers. When pricing look at the costs of ingredients, your overhead, and also your labor charges to come up with your price. Good luck!
I agree with all of the previous posters - matcha green tea powder will give you a lovely green tea flavour and it will also lend a nice green tea colour to the icing without food dyes as well!
Charge a fee for the initial tasting...and tell them to order a small cake or cupcakes at full price for the subsequent one. That's what I would do. HTH!
If you have a great scratch recipe that you like, you can just substitute organic products for the ingredients...I've done that before successfully...used organic unbleached all purpose flour, organic milk, eggs etc. Hope that helps!
Personally I wouldn't do an Easter bunny or Easter egg cake for a priest...maybe an open bible cake with a scripture verse? If you want to do something Easter-y maybe do lambs and say "thank ewe for being a good shepherd" it could be fun, Easter and birthday all in one! Hope you get inspired - good luck!
Hello Everyone, My apologies for those who pm'd me and haven't heard from me - it was a very hectic holiday season! I have pm'd you all the recipe along with my Rum n Raisin recipe as a bonus . I will also be posting the Pina Colada Cake Recipe under the recipe tab on tonight!
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