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I freeze my batter as well but I do not defrost it before using it. I just take the ice cream scooper like ice cream then straight into the oven. It turns out just the same as if it were freshly prepared.
Try Duff cake graffiti color silver or gold.
This is a 6" cake with zebra print and a simple bow. Do u think the is possible? I do not have any black fondant so I am going to paint white fondant black and the bow is just a simple bow in red (that is already made). Do u think I can do it?[/code]
Does anyone have a good recipe for a pound cake that can be made as a 1/2 sheet cake. I would really hate to do all the work of making the cake for it to fall because it was not meant to be a sheet cake. I have had this experience before and it was no fun after the 3rd cake fell. The cake will be cut in half and 1 half filled with pineapple and the other half with bavarian cream but iced and decorated as 1 cake. My client is going to take the cake out of town so I want to...
So I have a request for a princess mononoke cake. It will be a small 8" round cake filled with fresh strawberries. I have never heard of this character and internet searches are very vague. Please help with ideas.
I would like to start by saying that you all make some fabulous cakes. I have a long way to go to catch up. This cake I made for my co-workers retirement. I used IMBC and the tiers are 12" strawberry, 10" vanilla with oreo cookie filling, 8" chocolate with oreo cookie filling, and 6" lemon with lemon IMBC. I only was going to charge 65.00 because I really needed the practice but I think so far I have received over 90.00.
Do a search on here for the upside down method for getting crisp edges. I tried it for the first time last night and really liked it. I have a large cake for tomorrow and I hope to figure out a way to use the same method. You will have to use it in conjunction with the fondant smoother and viva paper towel.
Thanks for the links. I will surely use them tonight when I ice my round cakes.
This sounds like it would really work. I want to make a square cake just to try it out.
Thanks all for the info. I was really worried about not being able to get her tattoo on her tummy. I have ordered the image and will post pics soon!!!
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